The BIG 40 today…

Well, it is out in the open now, I am 40 years old today! That’s right ! I am starting the second and last part of my adventure on this planet… unless someone invents today a cloning machine. After all, I think I had an amazing first 40 years and accomplished quite considerably for my age.

Someone old and wise told me when I was in Hong Kong, life is short, can be a b…. from time to time, throw you curves when you don’t expect, but overall will be full of joy, enlightenment and gratification. Well, he was right on the money, I am an happy father of 4 marvelous kids and married to my soul mate for the last 12 years, and going strong…

Yeah yeah old man, but what this has to do with MaXX Destkop! You are right, and the answer is, everything… My absence from the front lines was justified, but I still feel bad about it… There is nothing on this earth that will prevent me from seeing my young kids growing up… they are still, but now 3 of them have (hopefully) a solid foundation that they can build on and start to experience life. This translate into more free time and energy to put into my second love, MaXX Desktop.

About Developer Release 1… DR1 will be available to download as soon as I finish revising the License Agreement with SGI lawyers. DR1 will include a text-only installer, a migration script for Beta1 users and a working Desktop with lots of new applications. More details will be posted here and on

So the future is bright for MaXX Desktop !


Eric, the old man, Masson

Developer Release Announcement

Hi everybody,

I am happy to announce the introduction a of Developer Release Program.

The MaXX Desktop Developer Releases will be available for registered users only. However, registration is open to the public. As long as you are willing to spend a bit more time providing your system details and applications that you are expecting to use.

This way you will be able to enjoy the MaXX Desktop experience and and in return you provide valuable feedbacks on new features and technologies before we are entering Beta phase again!

New fully Nvidia optimized features will become available starting from September this year!

Here is a short list of some of those features:
– 64bit support
– Software Development Kits for building High Performance MaXX Desktop aware applications
– OpenGL Composition and FX Engine for GUI (this is the big one)
– Transparency support for main window and panel with XRender, XComposite and ARGB-GLX Visual
– Workspace Manager – applications icons, multi-workspace and application selector (Exposé inspired)
– MaXX Monitoring Framework – centralized system resources management and graphical instruments: gr_osview, gr_affinity and gmemusage
– file-manager (vector based icons, scaling, traveling and monster-io-workload)


Eric Masson

Dear Mr. AMD/ATi you did it again and it is for the last time!

After several sleepless nights, I finally gave up all hopes on ATi Linux driver and decided that the MaXX Interactive Desktop will be a fully optimized Nvidia based technology monster. I am willing to add 3DLabs supports, but I don’t have an 3DLabs card… Anyone has an extra one and wants to be famous!

Sorry for all ATi users, but I don’t have the time nor the energy to do it !

That decision in itself means many changes for the road map and also simplifies lots of code. It also mean that the Desktop experience, performance will be pushed to the MAX since we know exactly what we are dealing with. Plus, the fact that I know the Nvidia architecture inside-out.

I am also thinking that it might be the right time to look at adding GPU computation with Nvidia’s CUDA technology right into the MaXX Interactive Software Development Kits…

ok, I feel much better now that this ugly mess is out of my chess… and again, sorry ATi users, no sexy and fast OpenGL based GUI with shadows…

I would like to hear your comments (good and bad, but no flaming war here)


Eric Masson

On the road again !

Hi all and welcome to my blog page for the Maxx Interactive Desktop for Linux or simply MaXX Desktop.

This blog page will allow me to keep you up to date on the development of 5Dwm window manager and the MaXX Desktop.

I am planning to post lots of new technology stuff related to the development of MaXX Desktop(new APIs, new cool ideas and previews of things to come).

More importantly, the main reason of coming here is to allow you to get in touch with me and get your feedback, worries and ideas.

Cheers and again, welcome!

Eric Masson