Gmemusage v2.5 GPL

Here is a preview of gmemusage v2.5 that I am working on…  Yeah this is GPL and yes it will be on the MaXX Desktop community’s SVN.   All GUI bugs are fixed and should run on all Linux* distributions.The only remaining things are: kernel modules and adding SGI-style 3D pie-chart display for single-process display.

Have a look for yourself.


Slow down…

Hi all !

As you probably noticed, things are not going so good every where! This has some very significant impact on my ability to spend time on MaXX Desktop.   I don`t like it but, hey I have to prioritize 🙁

So, DR3 will be push back a few more months and things like fm, icon-catalog and new development will happen, but at a much slower pace.

So here are the things that can be delivered in a timely manner;

  • SGI-Motif v2.3.1 beta-1 (with SGI-Scheme v2.0 with XFT support)
  • 5Dwm v1.4 (xinerama, Composite, transparency and new XRENDER core engine)
  • Xcomp-mgr v1.5(supports for fade-in, fade-out, transparency, no-shadow flag for icons and docks)
  • All existing Motif based MaXX apps  converted to SGI-Motif-2.3.1
  • gmemusage v2.5 (bug fixing)
  • gr_osview (bug fixing)

On the positive side,  business is good but takes all my energy and time 🙁

Take care!


MaXX Interactive becomes Genirix Systems Inc.

Just wanted to share with you the great news!  Genirix Systems Inc. is as of November 14th 2008 the official corporate entity behind the MaXX Interactive Desktop for Linux project and commercial product.  The name MaXX Interactive will be a trademark for a product line that offers different in house technologies. The MaXX Interactive Desktop remain our flag-ship Linux Desktop and we are expecting to make some announcements in early 2009.

We are working hard at the re-branding, new emails and domain name changes. But for the website it should be business as usual.

Our forecast for 2009 is very promising and we expect that it will be a busy year. You can expect some job posting here in Q1 2009 !


Eric Masson

MaXX Desktop Official IRC Channel

Hi there!

In order to improve further the communication among the MaXX community we registered an IRC channel.  TO join us on IRC simply point your favorite IRC client to the server and join the #maxx  channel.

Here is what I typed in ChatZilla

/join #maxx

See you there!

Eric Masson


Things are eating up a little on the blog site

It is always interesting to watch people’s reactions when a new Window Manager is making a bit noise on the Net.


Eric Masson

MaXX Interactive

Supported Linux Distribution for DR2

This section will help us gathering success stories regarding which Linux Distributions works best with MaXX Desktop DR2.
We know for a fact that the current binary release of DR2 works with:

– Ubuntu (and all derivative) 8.04 x86 and x86_64

– Fedora Code 8,9 & 10

– Fedora Core 6-7 (works but c++ applications like toolchest and xconfirm needs to be recompiled or your system c++ libraries needs to be updated).

Tell us what is your success story and we love pictures too.

The MaXX Desktop team

Installation of DR2 Questions

This discussion thread is for helping you getting MaXX Desktop DR2 running on your Linux system.

In order to assist you, you need some information regarding your setup. So we would appreciate if you could tell us which version of kernel and Linux distribution you are running with the description of your problem. It is also recommended to tell us the version of your Xorg server and video driver.

Thank you!

The MaXX Desktop team

MaXX Desktop DR2 is out!

Hi all,

Yes you are not day-dreaming… MaXX Desktop DR2  is available from download!  After over a year of hard work you can now enjoy an even more stable, faster and snappier SGI Desktop experience on Linux.

So MaXX Desktop DR2 is easier to install than before with less work required.  Most of the configurations files are moved to /opt/MaXX/etc and the GDM/KDM config works very well.  A composition manager is bundle with DR2 to give you nice shadows with maximum speed.  Try it with a NVidia Quadro and you will see 🙂

Next, is the packaging in both .deb and .rpm is next. After that, MaXXbuntu LiveCD.

So here the link needed…. Enjoy and hope to see lots of happy faces!


Eric Masson
MaXX Interactive

Welcome to MaXX Desktop

We are happy to be online and ready to share with you what we have been working on… As you know, the MaXX Desktop is based on the SGI Desktop found on IRIX.

The Plan for today and tomorrow:

You can expect  incremental updates for the first coming two days….    But our priority is to give you access to the binary files to install and run MaXX Desktop on both x86 and x86_64 machines.

So please stay tuned!

The MaXX Desktop team

DR-2 has reached Code freeze status


I am glad to announce that MaXX Desktop has reached code freeze for
the Developer Release 2 version and I should be pretty close to
release it at the expected date… CORRECTION October-6th 2008!

I took that screenshot from my QuadCore Q6700 machine running a
full Ubuntu 8.04.1 x86_64 environment with full NVidia support and Xinerama (of course).

DR-2 will be made available in .dep packages, bare-bone shell installer for the die hard and a new Live CD for those who wants to have a fully functional Desktop right out of the box….

Eric Masson ||