Indy Release Notes Archive

Release Notes for Indy 1.1.0

  • new MXTerm with XFT, UTF8/Unicode support (based on the latest xterm-330)
  • new version of winterm, adminterm and sshterm based on the new MXTerm
  • All SGI Schemes now have a GTK Theme
  • Introduction of Shutdown and Restart Admin-Screens (from toolchest)
  • Introduction of Console
  • Introduction of the new configuration files in $HOME/.maxxdesktop
  • Introduction of command line tools to switch between CLASSIC and MODERN look and feel (beta)
  • Introduction of XSettings Daemon and MaXX specific settings
  • Support Dynamic GTK+ SGI Theme change
  • Support for XFT sub-pixel hints in Xt/Motif and GTk+
  • toolchest dark SGI Scheme support for main-menu icon
  • 5Dwm v2.3 (multi-screen support with Xinerama)
  • New version of gmemusage (3.0b)
  • Some new/old SGI demos
  • Many little bug fixes and improvements (too many, too small to list at this point)

Release Notes for  Indy 1.0.0

  • the switch to SGI-Motif 2.3.1
  • SGI-Motif 2.1.32 is still available (don’t worry)
  • 5Dwm v2.2
  • A new version of ROX-Filer (while building our own)
  • a new version of gmemusage (2.7)
  • many bug fixes