SGI Scheme Customization

SGI Scheme Customization

First you need to know a few things about SGI schemes…

  • MaXX Desktop is using the same SGI Scheme files found on IRIX.
  • The SGI Scheme files are located in : /opt/MaXX/share/X11/schemes
  • There is one scheme per entry in the schemes directory. For example : the IndigoMagic scheme  correspond to /opt/MaXX/share/X11/schemes/IndigoMagic
  • A SGI Scheme is composed of X-Resources files that define preset values like color, sizes and  fonts  for Xt/Motif Widgets.
  • Each and every Xt/Motif application gets  a copy of the current selected scheme files definitions at start-time.  It is done deep inside the custom version of our own libXt library (a MaXX library). This way we do not miss a thing and that’s the same way SGI did it back then!
  • Wish to know more, refer to the  – IRIX Interactive Desktop – Integration Guide document in chapter 3 for more detail.  MaXX Desktop does not yet implements all the functionality as describe in the SGI document.

Change  SGI scheme

To change the current SGI Scheme, just edit and replace with the desired Scheme name as shown below from the file

$ echo "IndigoMagic" > $HOME/.maxxdesktop/Scheme

To activate your changes without login out and back in, simply run from :

$ update-desktop && tellwm restart

“A visual Scheme Selector is in the work and will be available in Indy 1.2.  The Scheme Selector will change both SGI Scheme and GTK+ Theme.”

Current  SGI schemes supported in MaXX Desktop (which is all of them)

  • Arizona
  • Bayou 
  • BlackAndWhite 
  • Gainsborough  
  • Gotham
  • IndigoMagic 
  • Inverness
  • Lascaux
  • Leonardo
  • Metropolis
  • Milan
  • Pacific
  • Potrero
  • RedGreenSafe
  • Rembrandt
  • RoseGarden 
  • Sargent
  • VanGogh   
  • Willis
  • Base   
  • Buckingham
  • GrayScale
  • KeyWest   
  • Mendocino  
  • Monet   
  • Print       
  • Rio        
  • Titian  
  • Turner
  • Vancouver
  • Whistler