MaXX Desktop DR2 (UPDATED)

(updated on Oct-09-2008 @ 17:00 EDT)

** a small fix in the 32bit version

** fix No-decoration bug at startup — Xsession.dt new version

Installation Guide for DR2 x86 (32bit) v1.1

MaXX Desktop DR2 x86 binary package (32bit)

MD5 : 0e7021696cdafd4fbc6ae1349ab4b945
URL  :

Installation Guide for DR2 x86_64 (64bit) v1.1

MaXX Desktop DR2 x86_64 binary package (64bit)

MD5 : 19190899aa9a2d55bba416369c6ec566

Optional libXt-1.0.5-MaXX.tar.gz source code package

MD5 : 8fc4e39e1dc0b50cb0ed5395477990a5
URL  :

Feel free to contact us for assistance at:

The MaXX Desktop team

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