Developer Release Announcement

Hi everybody,

I am happy to announce the introduction a of Developer Release Program.

The MaXX Desktop Developer Releases will be available for registered users only. However, registration is open to the public. As long as you are willing to spend a bit more time providing your system details and applications that you are expecting to use.

This way you will be able to enjoy the MaXX Desktop experience and and in return you provide valuable feedbacks on new features and technologies before we are entering Beta phase again!

New fully Nvidia optimized features will become available starting from September this year!

Here is a short list of some of those features:
– 64bit support
– Software Development Kits for building High Performance MaXX Desktop aware applications
– OpenGL Composition and FX Engine for GUI (this is the big one)
– Transparency support for main window and panel with XRender, XComposite and ARGB-GLX Visual
– Workspace Manager – applications icons, multi-workspace and application selector (Exposé inspired)
– MaXX Monitoring Framework – centralized system resources management and graphical instruments: gr_osview, gr_affinity and gmemusage
– file-manager (vector based icons, scaling, traveling and monster-io-workload)


Eric Masson

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