New MaXX Release Release Announcement

Hi everyone,

I am very excited to announce the upcoming new release of MaXX Interactive Desktop dubbed ‘Onyx’ for Fedora 25 and Debian/Ubuntu

The release will be divided into two parts; Legacy and Modern
- Legacy will be based on motif-2.1.32 and will include; 5Dwm, toolchest, mxterm, desktop-apps, config-apps, openinventor, performer, and a bunch of cool toys.
- Modern will be based on motif-2.3.4 and Qt5 and will include new versions of 5Dwn, toolchest, desktop-apps, config-apps, fm, openinventor, performer and some cool toys *sgi style.

What would you like to see in MaXX?

Thank you for your support


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