News from the front lines

Hi guys!  Sorry for the lack of news… I am so busy with my business and the economy still drags its feets…. Had no free time what so ever on MaXX… I really hope you understand the situation… You know that  I got no financial support from anyone including SGI.  Meaning that all costs are covered by Genirix Systems Inc.  My company!   That’s exciting to be your own boss, but so time demanding and stressful.  Got really busy with a special project for one of our special customer… Anyway, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel… Meaning more time to do other stuff 🙂

So I am thinking of introducing a subscription base thing for The MaXX Interactive Desktop. The focus will be on offering  stability in a production environment. Making sure  that pro-apps like Maya2011 and the likes works perfectly and that you get 100% of your hardware resources… OpenCL/CUDA on the GPU is also a big part of the equation.

About distributions… Well I have to say that yesterday announcement of RHEL 6 release is music to my hears… I cannot say the same if FEDORA 13-14. I experienced weird behaviors with the newer XServer that comes with these two versions…  Might be the new 260 NV driver! Will investigate when I have more spear time.

Last word.  MaXX is here to stay I really would like to spend more time on it to make it a great desktop for power-users and CG professionals, but for that I need your help.  Simple, help me hep you!

Take care all.

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