DR4 schedule announcement

Hi all,

I would like to share with you our new release plan for MaXX Interactive Desktop Developer Release 4.  DR4 will be available June 1st 2010. A pre-release of some DR4 components will be available in starting April 2010 for you die hard testers.  I have attached below our planned release notes for your information and comments. Feel free to visit our WIKI/SVN/Doc website for more details on MaXX Desktop.


Eric Masson

Developer Release 4 Release Notes

  • adding lots of features in 5Dwm, gmemusage & tellwm
  • lots of bug fixing
  • a new package structures,
  • an installer and updater program
  • introduction of 2 new Frameworks
    • MaXX Interactive Settings
    • MaXX Interactive Monitoring
  • SGI-Motif 2.3.1 gets really close to completion
  • Introduction of SGI Desktop configuration panels (written in ViewKit 3.1)
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • DtUtilities
    • DtSounds
    • Window
    • Schemes


  1. avatar high_octane Says:
  2. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    I am force to push back both the preview and release of DR4 by a few months…

    A business opportunity was presented to me…

  3. avatar Keres Says:

    Is there any method to try, test and send bug report for RC4 X64?


  4. avatar dukzcry Says:

    Hi Eric! Nice to hear it. Any plans on sharing desktop environment sources themselves, or this part will spread only in proprietary format?

  5. avatar Chipr Says:

    I’m so happy 5Dwm is still around!

    Back when over on nekochan’s got permission from SGI to do a port, I’ll send you a message directly Eric about stuff

    [actually, back in around 96 i did a port of 4Dwm which it mostly to distract me , but had FreeBSD and version i had done , had the system so that i could actually do cross compiling for my Indy if wanted, but 4Dwm, and most of essential stuff needed..(but never got used much and gawd knows where the backups of that system are... though PC wasn't powerful enough to run the middle ware utils or even 1/100th as fast as it was on my Indy but the tools i developed for aide in developing games on first-gen set-top boxes [which where actually a butchered SGI Indy [dev ones had 32megs, the lucky people Time Warner was conducting the trials of the units with had 16meg SGI's Indy's gutted.. essentially that where stripped of quite a lot .. looked really funny in some ways being double the height of a Indy, and in left front corner a cutout from the case pretty much and a Scientific Atlantic tuner/cable modem [which was black shoved in the spot .. [though i what i did back in 96ish on FreeBSD was essentially for distraction of game dev scene i guess you can say, hardware back then on pc's wasn't anything like today, but my thoughts are currently on a version for running under the quickly vanishing otheros ability in PS3 .. given my background [and i can't even remember how many SGI's i own [sorta spread out across half country in different places.. [im very long term user of the things - own first generation one no less.. [one of the SGI 2400Turbo's.. though its more like a very large space heater, more so then any of my VAX's id have to say.. lol]

    anyways, great job


  6. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Here is the status…

    I got a reminder that I was not iron man… My lifestyle (working like mad, coffee, no exercise and stress) caused me some health issues last month. That forced me to suspend all my activities and to rest at home. It meant, stop work, stop coding on MaXX, stop everything and start taking care of myself…

    Better now that later my doc said… But still, it sucks big time!

    So, I am starting my second week of recovery and things are going well. I eat healthy, drink decaf green tea and stop thinking(working) about my business day and night like before. The energy is starting to come back, but I still need sometimes off.

    MaXX will NOT be canned… But the collaboration model will have to change… More open :) That’s right.

    So stay tuned and check for some DR4 components pre-release announcements



  7. avatar Chipr Says:


    hah funny analogy, happed that my friend [grew up with] actually not only did storyboarding for iron man movie [Stephan Platt - you can view interview with him on the iron man blu-ray, i assume also is available on dvd [not sure , since i hadn't watched either - was invited to the premium of it in Cali' when it was released - though during middle of it he snuck off to Japan for honeymoon lol.. like me, anime and such played big part of influencing younger years ] but sadly i can’t travel very far in condition and painful as hell when do.. [he's done some of the issues of everything from spider man, though typically marvel, Top Cow and various other major comic company's request him for doing the front cover work due to the incredible amount of detail he puts into everything he does .. but alas trying to be like iron ya, sadly we are mortals and sadly, burning out and screwing up health is outcome when try to do too much, non stop, [personally i never let the stress factor bug me..id just say ah stress, whats that..lol -but doesn't always work of course ;) ]

    But, Ya, I can definitely relate to that, i finally managed to overcome the burnout =mind you, i ditched and left quite a few corp related items, and positions [did not have a choice really, given the last time i burned out, it was the worst [may you learn from my mistakes and never have such a think occur to you, i took me 4 years to recover from it, i was found by the door of my house [out in Calgary,AB-i lived in the rich and mostly snobbish area at the time, spent 4 months in hospital with partial amnesia, very little of over 30years of knowledge was accessible, let alone most of life and memory's, but after finally get irritated at the idiots who i was stuck with and not sure if i was ever going to regain any real part of my memory back, [luckily i have, but i had to change my lifestyle around big time, which included exercise, eating properly, not pulling 3 day long days all the time [it was avg duration of a day for me for 30+ years.. lol, i use to burn out every few months, recoup for a couple days and then be back at it.. -but the big bad one things didn't quite work out that way, i moved back to where i am now, which happened to be scuba dive capital of Canada, and i let large part of my assets just work do there thing, i don't get involved anymore unless its really serious [well now after car accident which ended my nice new found learning to have fun in life -having visited so many country's in past, and never seeing anything in them, it was in, do stuff, and out.. but i calmed down a lot, executives and CEO's/Presidents and other Exec's with authority didn't understand how i could sit there and be offered upwards in 10 digit figures and turn them down contract wise because i was planning on tripping off to some other place to go scuba diving.. [I'm worth more then i will ever spend in a lifetime.. and not type of person, more important thing in life then money believe me, health i think ranks the top -if i could buy a new body oh gawd, id be getting one so fast.. but sadly stuck with the now severely damaged one caused by a person who didn't have clue to drive on there side of road [tell ya, having weight of car that you have your hands on the roof bracing self and it comes to final landing point upside down with a thud .. and all the force exerted on the roof to cave it in ends up being transfered through your arms and down your spine.. [so much for being 6'1/6'2" ishs.. now I'm 5'9 [but, i did save drivers life since had the roof caved in that would of been it [i as extremely lucky because i was in such good shape from scuba diving every day, and working out constantly , which only took a few months of being stuck in a bed not able to move in so much pain to lose it all.. and going on 3 years almost since it happened, and recovery has been not greatest, [especially the ramifications of corps and stuff i was still doing stuff with.. though [sent email to info@ account which hope you got, explains more in that area.. ] but ya, rest up, get exercise, eat good, and avoid the burnouts, cause they do catch up to you as you get older i can tell ya that much ;)

    I’m really happy to hear MaXX will not be canned, gawd, for all those people who don’t own a SGI’s and have had a good taste of IRIX and the 4Dwm, they would never know what they are missing thats for sure, its one of the primary reasons was interested in possibly working together to bring about a version for the Sony PS3 / and OtherOS -since those who are saying f-u to Sony and the ultimatum of either upgrading and losing OtherOS functionality in the machines over not being able to play games/and access all PSN related content etc [hell, iks-nay on the update, and buy a ps3 sim and use it vs killing the cheapest cell BE dev environment around [be it limited to some things, and instead of access to all 8 SPE(SPU)'s.. only have access to 6 in the environment [one for hypervisor which any otheros actually runs under virtual-env controlled by it, and the other SPE/SPU is disabled so that Sony could increase the yield of cell BE's when first started fabrication so that ones that had 1 faulty SPU they could still use in PS3's so they didn't have to trash a lot more of the chips hat didn't pass the test.. [which even with 6 SPU's accessible, its quite a lot of power ..

    But definatly put health ahead of everything, cause with out it, ya end up with not much..,

    ahh seems email i sent to the info@ge...[forget the rest lol] didn’t go through [one listed under contacts .. well 6:35am. what a long night of pain.. gawd,

    anyways, take it easy Eric, and hope you recover, ill be hanging around here , ill brose through site and try to catch up on state of everything thats been done so far [since havn't had much time to do that yet lol.]



    Wayne aka Chipr
    ps, if drop mea email to wcraig at otaku.jp
    from email addy that works for contact, ill resend the stuff i tried to send ya, should see if i can find the stuff from back in 86 .. more then likely its on a dat backup somewhere in amonst the thousands kickin about ..i hope.. be kinda sad if i lost stuf i did back in 96′ .

  8. avatar high_octane Says:


    Glad to hear MaXX isn’t being canned! Please tell me the thought didn’t even enter your mind….

    I create 3D animations for a living with NASA and I can tell you that MaXX is very much needed in the industry. Don’t give up, or 4Dwm will be lost forever.

    I wish I had the programming skills to help out with the project, but my skills lie in the visuals. If there is a place for me, then please sign me up. Otherwise, have you considered accepting donations? I would gladly pay to keep MaXX alive!!!

    It’s been a dream of mine to one day bring back the true “Workstation,” and MaXX would be a big part of it.

    Hats off to you, Eric, and your endeavours with MaXX!


  9. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    I would never do that! I use MaXX all the time and everywhere… Hope after all those years you would know me better ;)

    As for the donation thing, hum I would consider it maybe.

    Thank you for your support.


  10. avatar melchez Says:

    I look forward to DR4. I got DR3 running on a Ubuntu system. Below is a screen capture.

    Wish I could code myself.

    I do find using the DR3 much easier on the OpenGL apps than the default Gnome desktop.

  11. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Nice desktop :)

    MaXX Desktop is designed and optimized for OpenGL apps. Pro user apps like Maya really fly on MaXX.


  12. avatar melchez Says:

    All do to your hard work.

    This desktop had me fire up my old o2 again.

    I’m a photographer and using the 5Dwm gives me a clean area to work with.I can use the whole screen.
    Plus the new apps look so cool with the OpenMotif, which brings that much needed commercial feel.

    Look forward to a Graphic Studio MaXXDesktop linux build w/XFS CD. :-)

    Thanks again for your hard work!!

  13. avatar high_octane Says:

    This might be the wrong area to post this, but has anyone installed Maya 2011 under MaXX? I know Maya has a new UI built on the QT framework and was wondering how this will integrate with MaXX.

    Will QT make it easier to theme Maya to look like it did under Irix?



  14. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    That’s a really good idea… Something like that might be in the work… cannot tell you more yet!

    Qt is our friend. However, we will have to work on the look and feel. Doable, just need access to a Maya2011 :)

    Leave long and proper!

  15. avatar high_octane Says:

    So glad to hear Qt’s our friend : )

    Maya looks great with the new UI, but it would look way better under MaXX!

    I’ll work on getting 2011……

  16. avatar high_octane Says:

    Today’s the day!

    Hoping to download DR4 today………….

  17. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    I am starting the uploading of DR4 bits this weekend! Yeah its time to get DR4 out.

  18. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    making progress on the packaging and documentation. stay tuned!

  19. avatar high_octane Says:

    Awesome, can’t wait!

  20. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    you guys can get ready by installing the most recent JDK from SUN/ORACLE… jdk_1.6.20 is the most recent as of today. Here is the link: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/widget/jdk6.jsp

    More to come…

  21. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    making progress….

    -upgraded libXt-1.0.5 to 1.0.8
    -new build for 5Dwm
    -package structure completed

    packaging and testing the new Java installer…


  22. avatar high_octane Says:

    Maybe tomorrow…………..? :-)

  23. avatar mDSP Says:

    Something news…

  24. avatar piotrek Says:

    When can we expect the DR4 to be available for download?

  25. avatar ch_123 Says:

    Any sign of it yet?

  26. avatar KeresContorni Says:

    Is there any good news?

  27. avatar high_octane Says:

    Any updates on DR4?

  28. avatar fedorz Says:

    Has anyone heard anything about the release of DR4? there has not been any updates for several month.

  29. avatar ch_123 Says:

    What happened to the release?

  30. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Coucou! have a look at the new entry on the main page… Hope this will answer most of your question.. If not, please ask! I will make a special effort to answer you one by one!

    Miss you guys!

  31. avatar joeb1002 Says:

    Sorry for the obviously wrong location to ask this question, Is there a limit to the size of chestrc file that Toolchest can utilize? I’ve created a python script to build the system.chestrc file based on the results from XDG. The resulting system.chestrc file is 30K and when I try to load it, toolchest bombs. If I cut the file in half, toolchest will load either half without issue.

  32. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    maybe… I received your ticket and will take care of it during the weekend… However, could you please provide me your distribution name and version ?

    Thank you!

  33. avatar high_octane Says:


    Do you have a new version of Rox-Filer with IRIX mods for Ubuntu 10.10? All I get is an empty desktop with DR3.



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