DR4 schedule announcement (cancelled)

Hi all,

I would like to share with you our new release plan for MaXX Interactive Desktop Developer Release 4.  DR4 will be available June 1st 2010. A pre-release of some DR4 components will be available in starting April 2010 for you die hard testers.  I have attached below our planned release notes for your information and comments. Feel free to visit our WIKI/SVN/Doc website for more details on MaXX Desktop.


Eric Masson

Developer Release 4 Release Notes

  • adding lots of features in 5Dwm, gmemusage & tellwm
  • lots of bug fixing
  • a new package structures,
  • an installer and updater program
  • introduction of 2 new Frameworks
    • MaXX Interactive Settings
    • MaXX Interactive Monitoring
  • SGI-Motif 2.3.1 gets really close to completion
  • Introduction of SGI Desktop configuration panels (written in ViewKit 3.1)
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • DtUtilities
    • DtSounds
    • Window
    • Schemes

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