DR3 Preview is out!

Hi all,

I am glad to release a preview of DR3 and to get you involved… It has been a very strange year… Recession affects everyone, been distracted by lots of weird stuff, my new business going surprisingly well (not complaining but takes a lot of time and energy) and the kids are growing to fast for my taste! So this translate into no time at all for MaXX :(     I believe the worst of the storm is over and now I can focus on MaXX!

So, lets start fresh with a new site that provides us some exiting features to support our growing community, The MaXX Interactive Desktop Community Edition.

* The emphasis of DR3 are mostly the switch to SGI-Motif 2.3.1, a new versionof gmemusage, 5Dwm v1.4 and the introduction of the new package installer.  Therefor, it is wise to start with a fresh installation if you can, otherwise I shall provide a spring-clean procedure to remove all traces of DR2.x

To discuss about DR3 visit the MaXX Interactive Desktop Community Forum’s website:


To install DR3 visit:


Also, remember to visit our new Trac/Wiki/SVN server at:




  1. avatar davidmaxwaterman Says:

    Would love to have a ‘spring clean procedure’ :)



  2. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    your wish are my command :0

  3. avatar ohw0571 Says:

    Hello Eric,

    thanks a lot for your fantastic work. Just installed DR3 on my Thinkpad running CentOS 5.3, and it looks really nice.

    However, I hit a nasty problem: trying to switch to an external display (ALT-F7, which works fine with gnome) caused the system to freeze!
    This is an ACPI-related function, so I am wondering why Maxx Desktop might interfere with it…
    Another freeze occurred when I used gmemusage (when closing the window, to be precise).

    Otherwise, the system is stable, so problems with hardware or OS are quite unlikely.

    Any ideas?

  4. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Hi @ohw0571 !

    This is very strange indeed. Here is what I think happens.

    ALT-F7 is mapped to the f.move event of 5Dwm. Meaning, it triggers a move-window. That might conflict with whatever you have to handles the ‘special-function-keys’ on your Thinkpad.

    As for gmemusage, can you try to run it from the console with the following command: catchsegv gmemusage

    Also, to help us find out whatever might interfere with MaXX, please run (in a console) a: tail -f ~/.xsession-errors

    Finally, send me what comes out of catchsegv and tail.


  5. avatar ohw0571 Says:

    Hi Eric,

    thank you very much for your reply. As for the ALT-F7 problem, I must say I cannot reproduce the event today. Anyway, in order to prevent future problems with this conflicting key mapping, is it possible to simply remove the ALT-F7 binding of 5Dwm?

    On the other hand, the gmemusage instability is absolutely reproducible. Every manipulation on the window (such as dragging on the title bar, closing via double-click) leads to a freeze of the desktop. Both the catchsegv command and the .xsession-errors file give this message: “libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x5b” (As far as I understand, this has been a long-standing, and mostly harmless, issue with certain graphics drivers).
    More significantly, /var/log/messages tells me “kernel: [drm:i915_wait_irq] *ERROR* i915_wait_irq: EBUSY — rec: 310 emitted: 317″
    So it seems that gmemusage is disturbing the intel graphics driver. Is it maybe a bit too “aggressive” when scanning memory usage? I mean, the graphics driver is using shared memory after all.
    Hope this helps…


  6. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Hi Oliver,

    of course you can change the binding of f.move… Just add to ~/.mwmrc the following and edit at your liking:

    Menu DefaultWindowMenu
    Restore _R AltF5 f.restore
    Move _M Alt
    F6 f.move
    Size _S Alt
    F8 f.resize
    Minimize _n Alt
    F9 f.minimize
    Maximize _x Alt
    F10 f.maximize
    Raise _a Alt
    F3 f.raise
    Lower _L Alt
    F1 f.lower
    no-label f.separator
    Exit _E Alt
    F4 f.kill

    As for the intel/DRI/Mesa3D ! It is well known that intel has serious issues with their drivers and the DRI/Mesa code too. I do not recommend intel nor ATi but this is a free world!

    I will find a way for you to start gmemusage in software rendering mode… indirect mode!

    good night!

  7. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Hi Oliver,

    try forcing GL software rendering mode by setting this environment variable LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE. It might look like that for a terminal console:

    $ LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 gmemusage

    or you might want to have a look at http://mesa3d.org website… Version 7.4.4 take cares of some nasty regression bugs in the i965/i965 driver code.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. That is why I am an NVidia guy for a VERY long time.

  8. avatar ohw0571 Says:

    Hi Eric,

    from what I read and heard, the reputation of hardware-accelerated Intel linux drivers is not that bad (and certainly the second-best you can get after nvidia). Anyway, in this case there seems to be a problem with it – I just found that the older i810 driver behaves very well with gmemusage (and it gives the same performance with glxgears) ;) So this is the workaround for now.


  9. avatar DGilmour Says:

    Hello, i’m new, but i’m very interested to Irix Desktop on Linux. I have try Maxx Desktop DR3 in Ubuntu 9.04 fresh install.

    Nice Work for install script.

    I have someting wrong:
    - Shutdown button does not work;
    - Reboot button does not work.

    I would like to associate the sound for each icon that will open with double click… It’s possible?

    I wanna create:

    - GDM theme in Irix style (next step SGIDM login manager);
    - Grub Theme;
    - BootSplash in Irix mode (but i have not found many screenshot of Irix bootup)(my octane died);

    Next step: Irix File Manager? :-D

  10. avatar DGilmour Says:


    Mount usb drive, usb hard disk, usb creative zen does not work…

    But in gnome work…

  11. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    @DGilmour (Hi)

    Glad to here that we share the same passion!

    As for reboot and shutdown, they are not implemented.

    As for the mount, no work as been done since ROX-Filer is a temporary file-manager. The real fm and iconcatalog will be alpha soon.

    Finally, GDM, boot splash and grub, again we target alpha in sept-09.

    I would like to extend an invitation to assist us :) Are you interested ? Do you have experience with Motif/Qt ?


  12. avatar DGilmour Says:

    @Eric, i’m a good C programmer. I have experience with GTK and a little QT test.

    I can learn motif/qt, if you and other stuff, can help me…

    Now i have to write a big program for control camera movement, with stepper motor.

    I wanna use KINO for live motion capture and my program, with serial comunication via Motorola PIC processor for motor control.

    All with Linux, your Desktop Enviroment, My SGI Octane case, and my new computer inside Octane case.

    Can i post picture of my new computer (when it’s ready!!!)?

    Sorry for bad english…

  13. avatar Eric Masson Says:


    cool! post the picture when you are ready. As for the start-up screens and clogin theme, I have 4 SGI boxes at home… so we are cover !


  14. avatar DGilmour Says:

    I found a curious case. My computer, Desktop With Maxx, I go over the Internet via Ethernet. FiWi Remains disconnected. The gnome tool does not help me keep the WiFi connection active …

    There is already eth/wlan panel writed in motif? Otherwise I could start from here …

  15. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Why not! I might suggest that look it c++ framework for Motif.

  16. avatar DGilmour Says:

    Do you know any good downloadable PDF manual with many examples for programming in motif with C++?

    I’m start from OpenMotif book:

    Next i have found Motifrf Book 6A and 6B:

    But with C++?

  17. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    You can refer to our Trac site all you need is there and more… ViewKit is an excellent and mature C++ toolkit for doing Motif Object Oriented programming.


  18. avatar ohw0571 Says:

    Hi Eric,

    has DR3 been finalized? According to the roadmap it has been completed yesterday ;)


  19. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    yup! I doing last minute compilation and getting ready to refresh the download files with DR3-final tonight.

    DR4 is now our new target!

  20. avatar afterlife Says:

    I recently tried installing DR3 and whilst smooth on my other machine on my P4 3.0/Nvidia 7600GT all my taskbars and the toolbox is BLACK. I’m quite happy to provide feedback for debugging or is this something I’ve done wrong?

    ps: LOVE this project. always wanted an SGI machine could never afford one so this helps :D

  21. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Hi @afterlive!

    can you please provide me the following info?
    -distribution version
    -nvidia driver version
    -a screenshot

    much appreciated!

  22. avatar ati support forum Says:

    ati support forum…

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