DR3 Preview is out!

Hi all,

I am glad to release a preview of DR3 and to get you involved… It has been a very strange year… Recession affects everyone, been distracted by lots of weird stuff, my new business going surprisingly well (not complaining but takes a lot of time and energy) and the kids are growing to fast for my taste! So this translate into no time at all for MaXX 🙁    I believe the worst of the storm is over and now I can focus on MaXX!

So, lets start fresh with a new site that provides us some exiting features to support our growing community, The MaXX Interactive Desktop Community Edition.

* The emphasis of DR3 are mostly the switch to SGI-Motif 2.3.1, a new versionof gmemusage, 5Dwm v1.4 and the introduction of the new package installer.  Therefor, it is wise to start with a fresh installation if you can, otherwise I shall provide a spring-clean procedure to remove all traces of DR2.x

To discuss about DR3 visit the MaXX Interactive Desktop Community Forum’s website:


To install DR3 visit:


Also, remember to visit our new Trac/Wiki/SVN server at:



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