Things are eating up a little on the blog site

It is always interesting to watch people’s reactions when a new Window Manager is making a bit noise on the Net.


Eric Masson

MaXX Interactive


  1. avatar fantaa Says:

    yes, the users react mixed, but the distributions are disinterested: -6 points :-(

  2. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Saw that too! They are maybe a bit to quick on the trigger! Give us the chance to publish the code first!

    But again, this is what to expect when you do something around Linux… A business even worst!



  3. avatar peak Says:
  4. avatar nitrofurano Says:

    my very humble oppinion here: should really have a forum (phpbb, flatnuke, whatever…) for a more intense and our-topic-focused communication between us…

  5. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    I am working on it… There are three options really.

    #1 Use an external solution. Google Group is great and everything is indexable right away.

    #2 Install PHPBB is another interesting option and we keep full control, but it requires some administration for the hosting.

    #3 Something that integrates with current (CMS) Content Management System, WordPress it is. I am evaluating it right now.

    To be honest, I would prefer option 2 cause it would share a single source for the authentication and the content.

    I will need someone people (now) that will offload me of daily admin, monitoring and etc…

    Anyone ?

    When I do that I don’t do what I am really good at.


  6. avatar nitrofurano Says:

    Yes, i found – tried to get registered there! =) – btw, about the phpbb forum, i don’t know how far would be a good idea if one of us could provide a phpbb host would be linked from maxxdesktop webpage, while there’s no official phpbb there…

  7. avatar zizban Says:

    I am in to be a moderator in any forums you set up.

  8. avatar nitrofurano Says:
  9. avatar nitrofurano Says:

    i were blocked out on posting messages at MaXX Google group (We were unable to post your message. If you believe this is an error, please contact Google Support.) – Was it possible anyway?

  10. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Don’t know… I will check into it… As for the 1px offset, hum looks like an SVN commit going bad… this was fixed ages ago!


  11. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Yeah, the extra pixel was a suggested patch that went into the main trunk… I reverted it and it is now fixed and will be in the next release, DR-2.1 @ the end of October.

    I you really need it, email me off line and I will package something for you.


  12. avatar nitrofurano Says:

    @EricMasson: thanks! about the 1px problem, it seems to exist even on your official screenshot… =)

  13. avatar nitrofurano Says:

    (google groups bouncing back again…)

    one more screenshot: Gnome with Mist theme (with a metacity hack a bit thicker) – showing how Gnome themes can get similar colour schemes from BaseColorPalette, from a mere .gnomecc file as from gnome-color-chooser is. An example of how this ‘symbiosis’ can work fine…

    (as from my converter, .gnomecc can look a bit more complex than BaseColorPalette, since it deals with much more GUI behaviour situations, but .gnomecc file can be completelly based on BaseColorPalette files as conversion)

  14. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    yeah! I like it a lot :)

    All of what we have been talking about for the last 2 weeks will be summarized in a Tech Note document that explains how SGI Schemes works and how it can integrate with the GTK+ and Qt counterparts!

    good work !

  15. avatar nitrofurano Says:

    thanks! posted in the google groups a code, focused on the new gnome-color-chooser features of .gnomecc file opening and button colour support, a python script (and more two depended text documents) which allow you to almost apply the BaseColorPalette from the /opt/Maxx/ installed files, and only needing you to click on the gnome-color-chooser ‘Apply’ button (hopefully will not be needed anymore on next versions?) – for now, better testing it on Gnome with Mist engine and metacity theme, and i hope soon will be great on the Motif gnome engine hack! =)

  16. avatar nitrofurano Says:

    btw, this script assumes the ifdef gamma 1.0 always exists in the BaseColorPalette files – it loads every colour except after ifdef gamma different to 1.0

  17. avatar nitrofurano Says:

    the idea of this script can be, for example, if there is a kind of MaXX Desktop colour scheme editor or applier, like i think it exists on Irix, some feature as option would allow you to apply these colour schemes on Gnome simultaneously, if you want, just like choosing this as option, or extending to a script like this as a kind of plugin… – it’s just a very humble idea can really be hugelly improved…

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