Installation of DR2 Questions

This discussion thread is for helping you getting MaXX Desktop DR2 running on your Linux system.

In order to assist you, you need some information regarding your setup. So we would appreciate if you could tell us which version of kernel and Linux distribution you are running with the description of your problem. It is also recommended to tell us the version of your Xorg server and video driver.

Thank you!

The MaXX Desktop team


  1. avatar Luis Coronado Says:

    Is this project just going to be linux focused? How about running the software on *BSD?

  2. avatar zizban Says:

    As answered before. because of the license agreement with SGI, MaXX will only be supported on Linux x86 and x96_64.

  3. avatar Mixer Says:

    I installed MaXX Desktop DR2 under Unbuntu 8.0.4 with accordance to the manual (for x86_64), it starts normally but it lacks bars and frames in the windows. Anyone who knows what the problem might be?

  4. avatar moochris Says:


    I’ve followed the guide and installed on Ubuntu 8.04. I’m missing all the window decorations – windows open with no border or decorations so I suspect the window manager isn’t running at all. The desktop and all desktop icons, plus the load meter and clock all load fine on login.

    chris@espresso:~$ uname -r

  5. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    Find why you guys don’t have the decoration… I am running a custom version of taskset (cpu affinity tool) that does not required -c parameter…

    Refer to this FAQ to fix the problem :


  6. avatar Mixer Says:
  7. avatar DanversState Says:

    Hi There,

    Some Issues: (On Ubuntu 64bit)

    1) on step 4 (setting up library paths) for the first ubuntu command I get “Permission Denied” So I did it as root and after running “sudo /sbin/ldconfig” I get….

    /sbin/ldconfig.real: /lib32/ is not symbolic link
    /sbin/ldconfig.real: /lib32/ is not symbolic link
    /sbin/ldconfig.real: /lib32/ is not symbolic link
    /sbin/ldconfig.real: /lib32/ is not symbolic link

    As for the session:
    It opens fine, I get the gr_osview, toolchest, and clock, however I can not run “open shell” as well as some other things.

    did i miss something?

  8. avatar Eric Masson Says:

    I believe your ubuntu installation needs the following package to allow mxterm to start.

    For Ubuntu 8.10

    $ sudo apt-get install libxaw7
    $ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
    $ sudo /sbin/ldconfig

    For Ubuntu before 8.10
    $ sudo apt-get install libxaw6
    $ sudo /sbin/ldconfig

    then things should be back to normal!


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