MaXX Desktop DR2 is out!

Hi all,

Yes you are not day-dreaming… MaXX Desktop DR2  is available from download!  After over a year of hard work you can now enjoy an even more stable, faster and snappier SGI Desktop experience on Linux.

So MaXX Desktop DR2 is easier to install than before with less work required.  Most of the configurations files are moved to /opt/MaXX/etc and the GDM/KDM config works very well.  A composition manager is bundle with DR2 to give you nice shadows with maximum speed.  Try it with a NVidia Quadro and you will see 🙂

Next, is the packaging in both .deb and .rpm is next. After that, MaXXbuntu LiveCD.

So here the link needed…. Enjoy and hope to see lots of happy faces!


Eric Masson
MaXX Interactive

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