MaXX Desktop Indy 1.1 Available Friday 21st

MaXX Desktop version Indy 1.1 is available as of Friday, July 21st 2017.  

A tiny bit late due to some last minute bugs and changes that had to be part of this version. As some of you start knowing me, I don’t  ship unless it works perfectly! 

Fedora 25/26/27 ready to go, Ubuntu 17.04 and Debian 8/9 later this weekend or Monday.

Refer to the Installation page for details and the requirements.

Indy 1.1 Installation Guide

What’s New in Indy 1.1

Thank you for your awesome support!

The MaXX Desktop Team

In the works for June 1st 2017

Hi all,

I am glad to announce a new road map effective June 1st 2017.

The new road map will allow  faster delivery of new features on a quarterly fashion and incremental  sub-release for bug fixes. Also we will bring additional Linux distribution support on a quarterly fashion.  More information will be added to this page as time goes.

As you noticed, we have a new look and feel and we’ve purged all users and comments (mostly spam anyway). We apology for all our early adopters, but it was necessary. Let’s start fresh and build quality content 🙂   This goes without saying that we will not tolerate FAKE *anything!  All new users will be challenged with a little question and comments will be moderated.  

Incremental Linux Distribution Support
– Fedora 25/26/27 (Indy)
– Debian 8 (Indy)
– Ubuntu  16/17 (Indy)
– RHEL 7 (Indigo)
– MintLinux (Indigo)

MaXX Desktop Quarterly Releases
– Origin (DR3)
– Indy (Q3 2017) <— Latest
– Indigo (Q2-2018)
– O2 (Q4 2018)
– Octane (Q2 2019)
– Onyx (Q4 2019)

We are looking for developers (c/c++), tech writers and some testers as well who are using the following Linux distributions on a variety of graphic cards (Nvidia, ati and intel).

  • Fedora 25/26/27
  • Ubuntu 17
  • Debian 8/9
  • ArchLinux


Hi all,

just to let you know that someone bought back (not a bit deal) but copied my copyrighted content (text, doc and images) without my approval and pretend to be me…   Avoid this site.


Eric Masson

We are back!

Hi everyone!

I am glad to inform you that MaXX Desktop is back at a new location and with some very cool ideas… We are currently going over the source code and preparing a release for 64bit intel/amd.

In the mean time, we would like to know what’s your favorite Linux Distribution and if you have any *special request (reasonable) that we could accommodate in this first release.

Again, it feels right to be back and talk to you all soon

“The MaXX team”

Kernel Patch makes Desktop Fly again

There are some very exciting development on the Linux 2.6 Kernel.  A new patch of only ~200 lines transforms a Linux machine into a workstation monster… The more CPU-core you have the better….  Here is the link to my favorite Benchmarking website called, Phoronix…  The patch in question allow better grouping in the scheduler!

Here’s on of Linus email reply… See for yourself

That’s the kind of stuff that I could provide you guys under a subscription model… Always the best and the fastest 🙂

Take care for now and please comments.


News from the front lines

Hi guys!  Sorry for the lack of news… I am so busy with my business and the economy still drags its feets…. Had no free time what so ever on MaXX… I really hope you understand the situation… You know that  I got no financial support from anyone including SGI.  Meaning that all costs are covered by Genirix Systems Inc.  My company!   That’s exciting to be your own boss, but so time demanding and stressful.  Got really busy with a special project for one of our special customer… Anyway, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel… Meaning more time to do other stuff 🙂

So I am thinking of introducing a subscription base thing for The MaXX Interactive Desktop. The focus will be on offering  stability in a production environment. Making sure  that pro-apps like Maya2011 and the likes works perfectly and that you get 100% of your hardware resources… OpenCL/CUDA on the GPU is also a big part of the equation.

About distributions… Well I have to say that yesterday announcement of RHEL 6 release is music to my hears… I cannot say the same if FEDORA 13-14. I experienced weird behaviors with the newer XServer that comes with these two versions…  Might be the new 260 NV driver! Will investigate when I have more spear time.

Last word.  MaXX is here to stay I really would like to spend more time on it to make it a great desktop for power-users and CG professionals, but for that I need your help.  Simple, help me hep you!

Take care all.

DR4 schedule announcement (cancelled)

Hi all,

I would like to share with you our new release plan for MaXX Interactive Desktop Developer Release 4.  DR4 will be available June 1st 2010. A pre-release of some DR4 components will be available in starting April 2010 for you die hard testers.  I have attached below our planned release notes for your information and comments. Feel free to visit our WIKI/SVN/Doc website for more details on MaXX Desktop.


Eric Masson

Developer Release 4 Release Notes

  • adding lots of features in 5Dwm, gmemusage & tellwm
  • lots of bug fixing
  • a new package structures,
  • an installer and updater program
  • introduction of 2 new Frameworks
    • MaXX Interactive Settings
    • MaXX Interactive Monitoring
  • SGI-Motif 2.3.1 gets really close to completion
  • Introduction of SGI Desktop configuration panels (written in ViewKit 3.1)
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • DtUtilities
    • DtSounds
    • Window
    • Schemes

DR3 Preview is out!

Hi all,

I am glad to release a preview of DR3 and to get you involved… It has been a very strange year… Recession affects everyone, been distracted by lots of weird stuff, my new business going surprisingly well (not complaining but takes a lot of time and energy) and the kids are growing to fast for my taste! So this translate into no time at all for MaXX 🙁    I believe the worst of the storm is over and now I can focus on MaXX!

So, lets start fresh with a new site that provides us some exiting features to support our growing community, The MaXX Interactive Desktop Community Edition.

* The emphasis of DR3 are mostly the switch to SGI-Motif 2.3.1, a new versionof gmemusage, 5Dwm v1.4 and the introduction of the new package installer.  Therefor, it is wise to start with a fresh installation if you can, otherwise I shall provide a spring-clean procedure to remove all traces of DR2.x

To discuss about DR3 visit the MaXX Interactive Desktop Community Forum’s website:

To install DR3 visit:

Also, remember to visit our new Trac/Wiki/SVN server at: